Latest update: 18/06/2018
President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Bako S. Sahakyan
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2018-06-18Artsakh Republic President convened a working consultation
2018-06-16President Sahakyan and Premier Pashinyan convened a consultation in the Artsakh defense ministry

Laws, orders

2018-06-18Condolence letter to relatives of Igor Mouradyan
2018-06-15Arshavir Gharamyan appointing President’s representative at large
2018-06-12President Sahakyan signed decrees
2018-06-11Decree on posthumously awarding
2018-06-06President Sahakyan signed a range of decrees

Working meetings

2018-06-16President Sahakyan held a meeting with Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan
2018-06-13Meeting with RA President Armen Sargsyan
2018-06-12Consultation with the participation of heads of law enforcement bodies
2018-06-09Meetings with representatives of the Dashnaktsoutyun, Artsakh Democratic and "Free Motherland" parties
2018-06-07Meeting with Ambassador Andrzej Kasprzyk
2018-06-06Meeting with the delegation of the "HALO Trust" organization
2018-06-06Meeting with “Aurora” prize laureate, well-known physician Tom Catena
2018-06-05Meeting with head of the General Staff of the Republic of Armenia Armed Forces Artak Davtyan


2018-06-16Solemn consecration ceremony of the newly-built church in the Chartar town
2018-06-16President Sahakyan and Premier Pashinyan visited the borderline
2018-06-09President Sahakyan introduced the newly-appointed head of the Police to the staff of the structure
2018-06-07President Sahakyan visited the office of the state minister and the ministry of finance

Meetings with representatives of the Diaspora

2018-06-12Meeting with relatives of National Hero of Armenia, Hero of Artsakh Monte Melkonyan

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