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The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers devoted to the 2018 State Draft Budget

On 10 November Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan chaired the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers devoted to the 2018 State Draft Budget.
Heads of various state structures delivered corresponding reports.
In his speech President Sahakyan underlined the profound character of the State Draft Budget discussion noting that it could be approved.
"The main financial and economic document of our country for the coming year reflects the pivotal directions of the state policy and is realistic in its nature", mentioned the Head of the State, adding the necessity of proper implementation of the planned programs, targeted utilization of the budgetary means while ensuring high level of control over this, elaboration and realization of realistic programs.
"The first stage of the 2018 State Budget formation can be considered complete. Afterwards according to the legislation the draft budget will be submitted to the National Assembly where active and practical debates are anticipated", noted President Sahakyan in his speech.
During the meeting the government approved the package of the Artsakh Republic law on making changes and amendments to the law "On the NKR Budget System" and adjacent draft laws.
The Cabinet approved the package of draft amendments to the tax legislation too.
The members of the government approved the Artsakh Republic healthcare state target programs, 2018 annual physical education and sports development programs, social protection of the disabled, employment regulation, state assistance to small and medium entrepreneurship and affirmed the lists of the events foreseen by the programs.
According to the procedures the bills and state programs approved by the Cabinet of Ministers will be submitted to the National Assembly as part of the "2018 Artsakh Republc State Budget" draft law.




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