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Laws, orders

Congratulatory address on the Day of the Army

On 28 January Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address to President Serzh Sargsyan of the Republic of Armenia. The address runs as follows:
"Honorable Mr. President,
On behalf of the people and authorities of the Artsakh Republic and myself personally I cordially congratulate You on the 25th anniversary of the formation of the heroic Armenian army, a holiday that is dear and memorable to all of us. The Armenian army has passed a glorious way and is the pride of all the Armenians, the main guarantee of our people's security, one of the significant factors of maintaining peace and stability in the region. The Armenian soldier with his unwavering spirit and invincible might brilliantly performs the Motherland defender's.
Respectful Mr. Sargsyan,
Having been standing at the origins of the Army's formation, You have done everything possible for its development and strengthening. In Artsakh we know and appreciate Your contribution and patriotic efforts.
In connection with this cherished holiday I once again congratulate You, the whole personnel of the Republic of Armenia's Armed Forces and our entire people, wishing peace, great successes and new victories on the way of solving national issues and strengthening the Armenian statehood".




2017-03-20Artur Aghabekyan released from the post of the NKR vice-premier
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2017-02-23Tigran Abrahamyan appointed adviser to the Artsakh Republic President
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2017-02-06Emil Babayan appointed adviser to the Artsakh Republic President
2017-02-06Serviceman of the NKR Defense Army Gor Gareginyan was awarded posthumously
2017-02-05Gevorg Kostanyan awarded with the “Mkhitar Gosh” medal
2017-01-28Congratulatory address on the Day of the Army
2017-01-24Congratulatory address to prime-minister of the New South Wales of Australia Ms. Gladys Berejiklian
2017-01-23Defense Army serviceman Karen Ulubabyan posthumously awarded with the "For Service in Battle" medal
2017-01-19Decree on putting the new Artsakh Republic Constitution project on a referendum
2017-01-18Serviceman of the NKR Defense Army Andranik Musikyan posthumously awarded with the "For Service in Battle" medal
2017-01-16President Sahakyan signed a decree
2017-01-16NKR Defense Army serviceman Garik Vardanyan posthumously awarded with the "For Service in Battle"
2017-01-13Armen Soghomonyan was appointed member of the NKR State Board on Statistics
2016-12-31Congratulatory address in connection with the New Year and Christmas
2016-12-30President Sahakyan signed a law
2016-12-29President Sahakyan signed several laws
2016-12-28President Sahakyan signed laws
2016-12-20Military rank of colonel conferred to a group of National Security Service servicemen

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