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Bako S. Sahakyan
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Congratulatory address in connection with the NKR State Independence Referendum and Constitution Day

President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address in connection with the NKR State Independence Referendum and Constitution Day.
The address runs as follows:
"Dear Artsakh people,
On behalf of the republic's authorities and personally myself I extend my cordial congratulations in connection with the NKR State Independence Referendum and Constitution Day.
The December 10 referendums of 1991 and 2006 have played a crucial role in the life of our republic, announcing the firm will and unshakable spirit of our people having embarked on the path of democracy.
During all these years together with our brothers and sisters in Mother Armenia and the Diaspora we have managed to overcome all the difficulties and hardship, defend our state independence and continue to undertake necessary measures to strengthen and develop it on a consistent basis.
The Referendum of Constitutional Reforms held on February 20 of the current year and the adoption of the New Constitution of the Artsakh Republic became a vivid manifestation of that.
The New Basic Law is an objective result of subsequent cementing and strengthening constitutionalism and democratic institutions in our state that once again demonstrated the commitment of our people to building a free and civilized country.
Dear compatriots,
I once again congratulate all of you on this significant holiday wishing peace, happiness and welfare to every family of Artsakh".


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