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Condolence letter in connection with the death of Greta Sargsyan

On 20 May Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a condolence letter in connection with the death of Greta Sargsyan, the mother of Vazgen Sargsyan.
The letter runs as follows:
"I have learnt with deep sorrow about the death of Greta Sargsyan, the mother of National Hero of the Republic of Armenia, Hero of Artsakh, Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan.
Greta Sargsyan is known to our people as an example of virtuous Armenian woman and mother, the bearer of national values, endowed with high human and moral qualities. Throughout her entire life, she selflessly devoted herself to the family and homeland. The bright memory of Greta Sargsyan will always remain bright in the hearts of those who knew her.
On behalf of the people and the authorities of the Artsakh Republic, and personally myself I express my heartfelt condolences and support to all the relatives and friends of the deceased wishing courage and tenacity.
In this hour of deep sorrow we share the pain and grieve together with you over the irretrievable loss".


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