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Laws, orders

Address to the participants of the “New Tendencies in Quantum and Mesoscopic Physics” international conference

On 29 June Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent an address to the participants of the "New Tendencies in Quantum and Mesoscopic Physics" international conference launched on the same day in Stepanakert.
The address runs as follows:
"Respected participants of the conference,
Holding the international conference on the "New Tendencies in Quantum and Mesoscopic Physics" in Stepanakert is a significant and demanded event for our country.
The development of exact sciences is viewed as among the strategic directions of Artsakh's educational and scientific system. Our people have a natural inclination towards exact sciences, and the fact that Artsakh has given a whole constellation of famous physicists is the conspicuous evidence of that.
Nowadays the development of this branch of science is merely impossible without cooperation with international scientific centers. It is gratifying to emphasize that leading scientists representing various countries are taking part in the conference. Your participation is important not only from practical, but also from moral and humanitarian perspectives since it is our deepest conviction that cooperation in scientific and educational sphere should be aimed exclusively at the development of science which is a universal value and is beyond the boundaries of states.
I am convinced that the conference will efficiently solve the issues set before it.
Holding the conference in Stepanakert is also a good opportunity for all of you to get acquainted with our republic, its historical and cultural values on the spot and to shape a personal opinion about our people and country.
I cordially welcome all of you wishing fruitful work and all the best".




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