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A condolence letter in connection with the death of Charles Aznavour

In connection with the death of Charles Aznavour Bako Sahakyan sent a condolence letter to his family.
The letter runs as follows:
"I have learned with deep sorrow about the death of Charles Aznavour, distinguished Armenian, eminent French singer of Armenian descent, composer, songwriter, actor and public figure, National Hero of Armenia.
The passing over of the world-renowned chansonnier is a great loss for our people. Aznavour was raising awareness about Armenia and the Armenians throughout the world by his immortal pieces of art. He always stood by the native people at their most fateful moments, sparing no effort towards making his indispensable contribution to the solution of nationwide issues.
On behalf of the Artsakh people, the authorities and on my own behalf I offer a deep message of condolences and support to the family and friends of the deceased, all our people, the admirers of his unmatched talent.
Charles Aznavour's name was etched in gold in the history of the world song art and that of the Armenian nation. And his blessed memory will live forever in our hearts".




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