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Laws, orders

Address to the participants of the Dashnaksoutyun Party World Congress

On 16 January Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan addressed the participants of the ARF (Dashnaksoutyun) Party World Congress.
The address runs as follows:
"Dear participants of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaksoutyun) Party World Congress,
I greet all of you warmly on launching the most important event for your party. I would like to note with great satisfaction that the patriotic activity of the Congress delegates representing dozens of countries is highly appreciated in Artsakh.
The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsoutyun regularly holds congresses, consultations, and meetings in our republic. However, the World Congress as the party's key political event is held in Artsakh for the first time, which has in itself a unique meaning testifying the special role and significance of Artsakh in the ideology and activity of the party.
The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun Party's role in our national-liberation struggle, in the restoration, defense, formation and development of the independent Armenian statehood, in solving issues of pan-Armenian significance could not be overstated.
The Dashnaktsutyun Party and its different structures also represent a powerful bridge which maintains strong bonds between the Homeland and the Diaspora, being among the most significant institutions of preserving national identity of the Armenians worldwide, patriotic up-bringing of the younger generation.
The reinforcement of the Artsakh statehood, just settlement of the Artsakh issue, international recognition of our republic are of crucial importance for the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsoutyun Party. We feel it constantly and appreciate it very much.
The questions on the World Congress agenda are, naturally, of great importance for the Party, and I believe their multifaceted and comprehensive discussions and the elaboration of corresponding solutions would provide a solid basis for the implementation of the approved programs and further activity of the Party.
I welcome you once again and wish active and productive work and all the best.




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