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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Bako S. Sahakyan
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Visit to the Artsakh Republic Defense Ministry

On 14 December President Bako Sahakyan visited the Artsakh Republic Defense Ministry.
The President introduced to the supreme command staff of the Defense Army defence minister, commander of the Defense Army, major-general Karen Abrahamyan and first deputy commander, chief of staff of the Artsakh Republic Defence Army's military unit N19916 Jalal Haroutyunyan appointed upon Presidential decrees.
Bako Sahakyan rated high professional and humane qualities of major-general Karen Abrahamyan and colonel Jalal Haroutyunyan, their expertise, voicing his confidence that they would appropriately discharge their responsibilities and wishing them success in their service.
President Sahakyan thanked former defense minister, commander of the Defense Army Levon Mnatsakanyan for his long-standing service, highlighting his great contribution to the army-building process, the formation and development of the Defense Army and expressed confidence that Levon Mnatsakanyan would continue to serve his Homeland with the same commitment in his new post.
Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Armenia Armed Forces Artak Davtyan, who had arrived in Artsakh within the frameworks of the cooperation program between the armed forces the two Armenian states and synchronization of the activities, and other officials were present at the event.




2019-03-11President Sahakyan chaired the meeting of the Cabinet
2019-03-05Solemn event commemorating the 60th anniversary of Vazgen Sargsyan
2019-03-05Memorial evening devoted to the life and activity of Vazgen Sargsyan
2019-02-28Visit to the Stepanakert Memorial Complex in connection with the anniversary of the Sumgait pogroms
2019-02-27Visit to the southern section of the Artsakh-Azerbaijani borderline
2019-02-19President Sahakyan attended the conference devoted to the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Toumanyan
2019-02-18President Sahakyan laid a wreath at the tomb of Arthur Mkrtchyan
2019-02-18Exhibition and commemorative evening devoted to life and activity of Arthur Mkrtchyan
2019-02-14Visit to various sectors of the southern borderline
2019-02-12Partaking at the Prosecutor General’s Office Board meeting summarizing the results of its activities in 2018
2019-02-07President Sahakyan partook at the reporting meeting of the Police Board
2019-02-05Visit to the borderline and the Talish village
2019-01-31Hakob Ghahramanyan appointed head of the Askeran regional administration
2019-01-28Visit to the Yerablour Pantheon
2019-01-24President Sahakyan partook at the meeting of the Defense Army Military Council
2018-12-26New Year celebration event of the “Base Metals” company
2018-12-25Visit to the construction site of the culture and sports complex being built in the Haykavan district of Stepanakert
2018-12-22Solemn event on the occasion of the professional holiday of National Security Serviceman
2018-12-20President Sahakyan partook at the plenary meeting of the National Assembly dedicated to the approval of the 2019 draft state budget
2018-12-17President visited the Artsakh Republic State Service on Emergency Situations

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