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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Bako S. Sahakyan
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Working meetings

Solemn ceremony at the Artsakh Republic Presidential Residence

On 4 July a solemn ceremony of handing in diplomas to students having graduated with honors the Artsakh State University and Shoushi University of Technology was held at the Artsakh Republic President's Residence.
In his remarks President Sahakyan underlined that passion for knowledge, diligence and strong sense of responsibility would help the students develop their skills and abilities, become high-quality specialists and dignified citizens of Artsakh, bring their own contribution to the development and well-being of the Homeland.
"We always take pride in having patriotic, literate and progressive young people, who are the deserved descendants of their parents and are ready to follow them suit in doing the utmost for the benefit of the native country and people, everything possible to defend and cement our independent statehood, continuing the elder generation's traditions and patriotic mission", the Head of the State noted in his remarks, adding that the state pursued consistent work towards developing education and science, creating necessary conditions for the youth, educating a healthy and patriotic generation furnished with advanced knowledge.




2018-11-09Meeting with head of the Armenian State Control Service Davit Sanasaryan
2018-11-09Meeting with attorney-general of the Republic of Armenia Arthur Davtyan
2018-11-07Meeting with head of the Armenian Real Estate Cadastre Committee Sarhat Petrosyan
2018-11-07Meeting with National Assembly vice-chairman Vahram Balayan and representative of the Artsakh Dashnaktsoutyun Central Committee David Ishkhanyan
2018-11-05Meeting with acting Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan
2018-11-05President Sahakyan and acting Armenian Premier Pashinyan discussed defense, domestic and foreign policy issues
2018-11-05Meeting with chairman of the Armenian State Revenue Committee Davit Ananyan
2018-11-03Meeting with management teams of the Central Bank of Armenia and a range of other banks
2018-10-30Meeting with the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs
2018-10-29Meeting with Armenian minister for the emergency situations Felix Tsolakyan
2018-10-28Meeting with American philanthropist of Armenian descent Mike Sarian
2018-10-24Meeting with writer Antonia Arslan and professor Siobhan Nash-Marshall
2018-10-22Visit to the central office of the “Union of Relatives of Missing in Action Freedom Fighters”
2018-10-22Meeting with the delegation of French Arnouville town
2018-10-20Meeting with the delegation of the French city of Saint-Étienne
2018-10-16Meeting with the “Artsakh Roots Investment” delegation
2018-10-15Meeting with President Armen Sargsyan of the Republic of Armenia
2018-10-15Meeting with the delegation of the Ramkavar Party Lebanese Regional Board
2018-10-13Meeting with member of the European Parliament Jaromír Štětina
2018-10-11President Bako Sahakyan received the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia

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