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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Bako S. Sahakyan
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Working meetings

Solemn ceremony of awarding athletes and coaches at the Artsakh Republic President Residence

On 28 December a solemn ceremony of handing in financial rewards to Artsakh athletes and coaches who achieved outstanding results in various international and national platforms in the passing year took place at the Artsakh Republic President's Residence.
The President qualified the results registered in the field of sports in 2018 as satisfactory, noting that 1829 athletes from the Artsakh Republic participated in various Armenian, European and World Championships and international tournaments, occupying 442 prize-winning places, including 152 first, 144 second and 146 third ones.
"We are all happy and proud of your achievements. You are substantially contributing not only to developing and spreading sports in our republic, but also making Artsakh recognizable to the world, worthily representing our country in the international arena. This unique service to the homeland and native people deserves a high appreciation", underscored the Head of the State in his speech.
Bako Sahakyan considered invaluable the role of our coaches in forging these victories, who do their best to train and educate high-class athletes, transfer their knowledge and experience to the younger generation, support and assist them.
The President highlighted that the state would further on keep in the spotlight issues of sports and physical culture development, carry out consistent work on continuing reforms in this area, create necessary conditions for the development of the sphere, improve working and social conditions of our athletes and coaches.
President Sahakyan heartily congratulated the participants on the coming New Year and Christmas holidays, wishing them robust health, happiness and all the best, peace and prosperity to the Fatherland and people.





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