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Holidays and Memorable Days in Nagorno Karabagh Republic

New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated from December 31 to January 6 inclusive. New Year is celebrated between December 31 and January 2, pre-Christmas holidays are celebrated between 3-5 January, Christmas and Epiphany are celebrated on January 6. All these days are nonworking days.

All Souls' Day is celebrated on January 7 and is also a nonworking day.

Artsakh's Revival Day - celebrated on February 20;

The Day of Mother Tongue - celebrated on February 21;

Motherland Defender's Day - celebrated on February 23;

The International Day of Women- celebrated on March 8, non-working day;

The Day of Maternity and Beauty - celebrated on April 7, non-working day;

The Day of Remembrance of the 1915 Armenian Genocide Victims - marked on April 24, non-working day;

The International Day of Workers' Solidarity- marked on May 1, non-working day;

The Triple Victory Day - the Day of Victory in Second World War, the Day of the NKR Defense Army, the Day of Liberation of Shushi - celebrated on May 9, non-working day;

The Day of First Armenian Republic - celebrated on May 28, non-working day;

The International Day of Children - celebrated on June 1;

The Day of Perished Soldiers and Missing in Action - marked on June 29;

The Day of Knowledge and Education - marked on September 1

The Day of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic - celebrated on September 2, non-working day;

The Day of Translator - marked on the second Saturday of October ;

The Day of Remembrance of the 1988 Spitak Earthquake Victims - marked on December 7;

The Day of the State Independence Referendum and the Constitution Day - celebrated on December 10, non-working day.


Other international, traditional, religious, professional holidays and memorable days can be celebrated the Nagorno Karabagh Republic.


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